Houston Protection & Investigation Service Inc.

The fundamental vision of Houston Protection & Investigation Service, Inc. is to protect the life and property of the clients we serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within out industry. We take advantage of all the scientific advancements which help us succeed in our joint endeavor to provide the best possible service and continually evolve into a better security provider.

We dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed, personalized services. Whether your security needs are residential or commercial - locally or globally - large or small, we provide customized solutions to suit your needs in any and all security and investigative situations.

Our security personnel staff consists of active, reserve, former and retired United States military servicemen and women as well local law enforcement. Our professional team is trained in Basic & Advanced Situation Control, Armed Control Tactics and Miscellaneous Equipment Tactics training with an emphasis on hospitality through our company, We also require and provide the means to obtain the necessary State and Federal certificates and licensing. This is to ensure that all clients will be treated with respect and dignity with our security staff members at the ready to protect you, your family, assets and property.